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the hunger consumes me
eating away at me from the inside out
until all that is left is a broken shell of a girl
blood flows on the outside of my body
ribs as sharp as the edge of a razor as my skin clings to them
my mind is a fog that never wavers, distracting me from my thoughts
thoughts that buzz through my head so fast that i cant keep up, driving me crazy
my body shakes from lack of food, from lack of blood
my body roars in hunger but my mind ignores it
only one thing is important
my weight
these monsters that are my anorexia and bulimia will not be apeased until all that is left of me is aquivering mass of skin and bones
where a wreck of a girl will reside because her monsters like to mess with her, her mind, her emotions, her sanity
every thought, every breath is filled with the hunger to be thin
its a time consuming addiction that preys on the week, leaving them spent and sickly
shaking like an addict who can't have a fix
shivers overcome me even when its not cold, bone jarring shakes that rock my whole body
the cold seeps through my bones freezing every fiber of my being
drowsiness lurks in every corner no matter how long i sleep
i live in a haze
a haze that is deadly but seductive all the same
who doesn't want to be thin?
the monsters tempt you and then leave you a wreck
not realizing until it's to late what you have started, what you have become 

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